Hello! I’m glad you’ve found us, I’m sorry that you’ve came to a very different website than what you’re previously used to. I, of course, will explain below:

So, our little business has changed. We have joined forces with some other fabulous people and we are looking forward to working together with a fresh and brand new look and name! We have gone back to our roots completely and as much as the business is part time only for Laura, it’s full time for the other team members (which we will tell you more about at a later date).

Why the change? Well! After 5 years out of the game and a very scary, eye opening life emergency last year, Laura decided to go back to her roots and after a trial run and seeing that it works, she accepted another role. BUT DO NOT WORRY. KKA will still run, it’s not going anywhere, BUT as of March 18th, you will no longer be able to purchase directly from KKA but you can buy from our new company Sunflower Lane Home Fragrance. Our new website will soon be live and we are working on our social media being mapped across.

We know it’s been super quiet but we promise it’s not the end, it’s just a very exciting, and very much needed, new beginning. September last year was incredibly eye opening for Laura and for us as a family and a business and so we needed to make a change for the sake of a happy and healthy future. We now have a strong team of wonderful people who are going to be flying the flag under our new name, Sunflower Lane Home Fragrance, and you will be able to speak to everybody and learn about what roles we all play in this new venture in the near future.

Thank you all, from the absolute bottom of our hearts for the years we have been in business to retail and wholesale, you made it possible for it to be Laura’s full time job and to provide an income for her family. However. Sometimes a change is needed... There’d be no butterflies without change after all.

It’s the right time... It’s time to trust the magic of beginnings.

If you need us in the meantime, you can contact us over on our new company email: hello@sunflowerlane.uk

Thank you!